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Bitcoin Investing Course

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The Bitcoin Investing Course is an 8-module course taught by Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Rekt Capital, aimed at helping you time Bitcoin Bull Markets and Bear Markets with the aid of cutting-edge data science and exploratory valuation tools.

Rekt Capital's previous "Technical Analysis", "Risk Management", and "Altcoin Investing" courses all have an overall rating of 5 out of 5.


8 Video Lectures

This densely-packed course features Rekt Capital's unique cutting-edge research that really makes a difference to you as an Bitcoin trader and investor. Complex market phenomena are distilled into precise, actionable insights that will help you better navigate the Bitcoin market.

3 x BONUS Tutorials From Rekt Capital's Previous Courses

Early birds of the Bitcoin Investing Course will receive 3 x Bonus Video Tutorials from Rekt Capital's previous courses: "Trading View: My Setup, Tips and Tricks" from the Technical Analysis course, "Portfolio Structuring and Diversification" from the Risk Management course, and "Altcoin Hype Cycles" from the Altcoin Investing course.


Rekt Capital is a cryptocurrency trader and analyst and author of the Rekt Capital Newsletter - a Top Crypto newsletter globally. His market research and analysis has been featured in Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Real Vision, Hackernoon, BraveNewCoin, and Medium's largest publication The Startup.


Anyone who is interested in improving their understanding of the Bitcoin market and learning strategies to navigate it profitably and effectively will find the information presented in this course incredibly valuable and practical. 

This densely-packed course features actionable insights that will really make a difference to you as to how to trade and invest in Bitcoin. It has been designed for those looking to learn about how to better navigate the Bitcoin market without spending countless hours on independent research. 

The cutting-edge insights covered in the course are complex and intellectually challenging but are presented in an easy-to-follow, digestible manner.


• Learn about Bitcoin Market Cycles and the historically recurring themes in their movement to better understand where Bitcoin is in its overall cycle at any given time.

• Learn how to identify periods of maximum financial opportunity in Bitcoin vs. periods of maximum financial risk and learn how to position yourself accordingly. 

• Understand the specific phases in a Bitcoin Market Cycle, such as price expansion, re-accumulation, trend acceleration, and more.

• Learn how to time the beginning and end of a Bitcoin Bull Market.

• Discover a wide-variety of on-chain metrics and exploratory valuation tools to help you better understand when Bitcoin is oversold and under-valued or overbought and over-valued.

• Improve your ability to independently spot promising Bitcoin investing opportunities.

• Explore the characteristics of successful long-term investors and what their behaviour tends to be during crucial moments in the Bitcoin market cycle.


Lecture 1 - Bitcoin Market Cycles

This lecture introduces Bitcoin Market Cycles and why you should learn about them.

Rekt Capital discusses the various patterns and tendencies that historically recur in Bitcoin price cycles.

In this lecture, Bitcoin's cyclicality is explored with the aid of valuable time-tested technical indicators as well as detailed price action analysis.

Grasping the principles that govern these cycles will tremendously improve one's ability to effectively navigate the Bitcoin market and manage their Bitcoin investment.

Lecture 2 - Bitcoin Halving Effect On Bitcoin's Price

This lecture will explore Bitcoin's historically recurring price tendencies prior to and after its Halving event.

Learn about recurring pre-Halving retracements, post-Halving re-accumulation, and other useful pre- and post-Halving Bitcoin price tendencies to better navigate periods of price appreciation and price depletion that are heavily influenced by the Halving event.

Lecture 3 - Bitcoin Bull and Bear Markets

This lecture focuses on segmenting Bitcoin Market Cycles into periods of low- and high-profitability.

You'll learn how to identify periods of maximum macro-financial opportunity in Bitcoin as well as periods of macro maximum macro-financial risk and learn how to position yourself accordingly.

Rekt Capital shares metrics he personally finds useful in determining topping-out signs in Bitcoin macro uptrends.

Lecture 4 - Stock To Flow Model and Bitcoin Price Deviations

This lecture will focus on deviations in Bitcoin's price both beyond and below the Stock to Flow line. 

Upside deviations will be examined in an effort to deduce the key historically recurring characteristics that precede Bitcoin Bull Market price peaks.

Downside deviations will be discussed so as to learn more about the macro signs that emphasise the maximum point of financial opportunity for Bitcoin investors.

Rekt Capital will examine both upside and downside deviations across different versions of the model. This will be done to arrive at a well-researched conclusion that sufficiently addresses where Bitcoin could peak in this current Bull Market and where could it bottom out in the Bear Market that follows.

Lecture 5 - Stock To Flow Model Variance

Learn how to recognise the point of maximum financial opportunity for Bitcoin with the aid of cutting-edge data science.

In this lecture, Rekt Capital reveals how he utilises significant changes in Stock to Flow Model Variance to precede both generational bottoms as well as generational tops in Bitcoin's price.

Lecture 6 - Pi Cycle Top Indicator

In this lecture, you'll gain an understanding of an impending peak of a Bitcoin Bull Market and by the same token - confirmation of a new Bear Market.

Here, the Pi Cycle moving averages will be thoroughly examined for recurring behaviour across history in pinpointing Bitcoin Bull Market peaks. Concepts covered include using the MAs for bullish/bearish trend confirmation, Rate of Change, shifts in MA curvature, Pi Cycle Crossovers, and so much more.

Discover sophisticated principles that will help you identify segments of maximum financial opportunity in Bitcoin's price.

Lecture 7 - Bitcoin Mid-Cycles

In this lecture, you'll learn how to identify mid-cycle periods in Bitcoin's price action. 

Rekt Capital shares historical analysis of Bitcoin's mid-cycle in an effort to deduce the technical price tendencies that recur across market cycles.

Learn how to anticipate realistic scenarios for Bitcoin's price progression and how to set level-headed expectations as to how Bitcoin could potentially behave based on where in the market cycle it resides at any given moment.

Lecture 8 - The Evolution of The Four Year Cycle

In this lecture, Lengthening Cycles theory is thoroughly examined in how it disrupts the Four Year Cycle perspective.

Rekt Capital shares how lengthening cycles will impact future cycles, specifically how and when the Bitcoin Bull Market top may form, how the subsequent Bear Market downtrend could progress thereafter, and where this Bear Market bottom may ultimately take place.

But Rekt Capital goes a step further and looks to the distant future to address how the next few years in the Four Year Cycle will look like, even with lengthening cycles at play.

More, the effect of lengthening cycles on future Bear Market corrections is closely examined. Ultimately, lengthening cycles are discussed in an effort to better pinpoint periods of maximum financial risk and maximum financial opportunity for Bitcoin investors.



"Trading View - My Setup, Tips and Tricks"

This video tutorial is from Rekt Capital's "Technical Analysis" course that has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and features as a bonus lecture in this course.

It covers how Rekt Capital scans Altcoins for potential set-ups, how he creates his personal Altcoin Watchlist, and other valuable tips and tricks in navigating Trading View.


"Portfolio Structuring and Diversification"

This video tutorial is from Rekt Capital's "Risk Management" course that has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and features as a bonus lecture in this course.

It features practical insights as to how to construct a portfolio with the aid of key risk management principles, how to think about diversification, and how to actively reconstruct your portfolio based on profit circulation and other useful risk-mitigating strategies.


"Altcoin Hype Cycles"

This tutorial is from the Altcoin Investing course that has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and features as a bonus lecture in this course.

It is about the seasonality in Altcoin price appreciation and depreciation. Historical Altcoin Hype Cycles are examined to deduce the specific market conditions that enable these Hype Cycles, which conditions disrupt them, and how to leverage this historical knowledge to you advantage in your trading and investing.


Crypto payments are also accepted Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital directly on Twitter via for more details.


Are The Videos In This Course Pre-Recorded?

Yes, all video lectures are pre-recorded for you to watch at your own leisure.

Do I Have Lifetime Access To The Course?

Yes, by enrolling in this course you have lifetime access to all 8 video lectures as well as the 3 bonus tutorials from previous Rekt Capital courses.

Can I Pay For The Course(s) in Crypto?

Yes you can pay in Crypto. Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital directly on Twitter via if you have any questions.

Which Course Should I Get First?

This depends on your needs. Each course addresses a different area in the cryptocurrency market.

See the FAQ directly below to help give you an idea which course would be better for you to start with.

How Is This Course Different From Rekt Capital's Other Courses?

Each course has been designed to focus on a specific area of cryptocurrency trading and investing.

The "Bitcoin Investing Course" offers insight into the historically recurring tendencies in Bitcoin's Market Cycles with the aid of cutting-edge data science, on-chain analytics, and exploratory valuation tools to help you better understand Bitcoin's market dynamics.

The "Altcoin Investing Course" focuses on breaking down the Altcoin Market into first principles and sharing cutting-edge insights and concepts to help you better navigate your Altcoin trades and investments.

The "Technical Analysis" course is dedicated to teaching students how to navigate the Cryptocurrency market with the aid of technical analysis.

The "Risk Management" course offers all the tools you need to build your very own Risk Management strategy that is specifically tailored to your risk appetite, risk tolerance, trade preference, personality type, and trading and investing style.

I Bought The Technical Analysis Course Separately. Am I Still Entitled To A Discount For The Ultimate Bundle?

Absolutely - all students of previous Rekt Capital courses are entitled to Bundle discounts.

Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital with the email address you purchased the first course with and you will receive a discount code for your next purchase.

Message Rekt Capital on Twitter via and this will be arranged for you.


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Bitcoin Investing Course

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