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Deep Dives by Rekt Capital

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Rekt Capital Deep Dives

A bi-weekly video subscription on Bitcoin & Altcoin investing

Cutting-edge insights and expert market commentary about Bitcoin and Altcoins.

The cryptocurrency market can change fast. It's essential to have access to unbiased, level-headed insights to form realistic expectations about market movements whenever they occur.

That's exactly what Deep Dives provide.

Deep Dives are 30-minute videos released every other Tuesday that cover a wide-variety of metrics and indicators on Bitcoin and Altcoins to offer an in-depth overview of the market.

As a Deep-Dive Subscriber, you'll have access to:

  • Exclusive Deep Dive videos with my in-depth level-headed technical analysis on Bitcoin and Altcoins.
  • Reasonable price predictions on Bitcoin and Altcoins based on unbiased Technical Analysis principles.
  • In-depth video walkthroughs of my up-to-date Altcoin Watchlist featuring Altcoins that are on my radar.
  • My personal trade management strategies and risk:reward parameters when it comes to Altcoins featured in my video Altcoin Watchlist.
  • My personal risk-on and risk-off strategies for Altcoin trading and investing.
  • Full access to archive of past videos with in-depth technical analysis on Bitcoin and Altcoins, rich in educational content.
  • Exclusive discounts on all of my courses including the Altcoin Investing, Technical Analysis, Bitcoin Investing, and Risk Management courses.
  • And much more...

Investing in this subscription will not only save you time and effort in conducting research, but it will also provide you with cutting-edge insights that will truly be of value to your crypto journey.

Preview - Example Deep Dive

Here is a preview of a Deep-Dive from May 2022 where I focused on Bitcoin Death Crosses.

By analysing historically recurring Bitcoin price tendencies after a Death Cross, I was able to predict a substantial retracement in BTC's price to the sub-$20,000 region which occurred months later in November 2022:

This is the sort of quality of insight and research that you can expect from Rekt Capital Deep Dives.

By signing up for my weekly deep-dive video subscription, you will gain exclusive access to valuable insights, level-headed realistic analysis and expert commentary on the cryptocurrency markets.


My market research and analysis have been featured in:

I also have a popular newsletter as well as a substantial following on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the videos pre-recorded?

I record new videos every other Tuesday and publish it on the same day. Each video is current to prevailing market conditions.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Is there a discount for loyal followers and subscribers?

There was a limited-time early-bird offer running for two weeks around late February/early March 2023. However, the early-bird offer has since ended.

Are the Rekt Capital Newsletter and “Deep Dives” two separate products?

Yes, they are standalone subscriptions. However, Hall of Fame members of the Newsletter have exclusive access to both.

I am a subscriber to the Rekt Capital Newsletter. Will I now also get access to the Deep Dives?

Hall of Fame members of the Newsletter have access to the Deep Dives. However if you are not a HOF member, you would need to signup separately for the Deep Dives to gain access to them.

What is the difference between the Rekt Capital Newsletter and the “Deep Dives”?

The Rekt Capital Newsletter and the Deep Dives are two different, standalone subscriptions. They cover very different content but they do complement and build on each other very well.

The Newsletter offers three newsletters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Deep Dives offers a 30-minute in-depth video every Tuesday. Deep Dives allow me the space to really go deeper into my analysis and explain complexities in the market with a wide variety of metrics and technical indicators.

Feel free to watch the example Deep Dive featured above to gain an idea as to what to expect from these videos.

Will my subscription to the Rekt Capital Newsletter change in any way?

No, your subscription to the Rekt Capital Newsletter will not change. The Deep Dives are simply an additional video subscription that you can sign up to. The Deep Dives are not included in the subscription to the Rekt Capital Newsletter.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me or send a Direct Message on Twitter

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Deep Dives by Rekt Capital

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