Cryptocurrency Risk Management Course

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Cryptocurrency Risk Management Course

Rekt Capital
46 ratings

The Rekt Capital Cryptocurrency Risk Management Course covers everything you need to know about Risk Management.

This course is designed for beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency traders and includes 10 on-demand video tutorials, full lifetime access, and access on mobile and PC.

Here's what you'll learn in the Rekt Capital Cryptocurrency Risk Management Course:

- How to time your exposure to Altcoins for maximum profitability

- How to predict when to sell Altcoins on time before Bitcoin moves

- When to de-risk from Altcoins to protect your capital and Altcoin profits

- When to increase your exposure to Bitcoin so as to make the most of its movements

- How to develop your very own risk management strategy

- Which types of trades best suit your personal trading style and risk tolerance

- How to distinguish between high-probability trades and low-probability trade setups

- Where to set your Stop Loss

- How to figure out how tight or loose your Stop Loss should be for every trade

- How to size your positions 

- How to manage a live trade

- And so much more...

Here is an overview of the video tutorials:

1 - Introduction to Risk Management

2 - Portfolio Structuring and Diversification

3 - The Psychology of Risk Management

4 - The Bitcoin vs Altcoin Correlation

5 - Planning Your Trade, Risk-to-Reward Ratio

6 - The Impact of Emotions on Probability

7 - The Stop Loss

8 - Trade Management and Risk Reduction Strategies

9 - Position Sizing

10 - Hedging


Are The Videos In This Course Pre-Recorded?

Yes, all videos are pre-recorded so feel free to watch at your leisure.

Which Course Should I Get First?

This depends on your needs. Each course addresses a different area in the market. If you'd like to understand market psychology and learn how to trade and invest using Technical Analysis - the TA course would be a great start. The Risk Management course further builds on the skills learned from the TA course with the aid of key risk management principles and tools. Both courses build a very solid foundation for you.

Am I entitled To A Discount If I Get Both Courses (i.e. the Bundle)?

Awesome to hear you'd like to go for both courses! Yes - the Bundle Package features a $30 discount. Feel free to learn more about the Technical Analysis course here: www.gum.co/rektcapital

Do I Have Lifetime Access To The Course?

Yes, by enrolling in this course you have lifetime access to all videos in the course.

Can I Pay in Crypto?

Yes you can pay in Crypto, specifically in Litecoin. Feel free to get in touch with Rekt Capital directly on Twitter via https://twitter.com/rektcapital for more details.

Reviews from students of the course:

“Great course that’s worth the money. Would definitely recommend checking it out.”

- brandenhammar, @brandenhammar

“Since I took these courses I have been considerably more confident and profitable in my trades! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve trading strategy and understanding of TA”

- Luna Tierra, @MoonJedi

“Rekt Capital is a constant thought of gratitude TO THIS DAY. Since Early 2018, I’ve been watching this guy’s journey & learning to trade w/his free Telegram and course. This guy changed my life & showed me the ropes to take on trading successfully. Follow him!! (he is a wizard)”

- Kyle Anderson, @h20Anderson

“5 Stars. Left it tonight for you. I have really enjoyed the course…As a total beginner who blindly started investing in January 18’ it’s been a very, let’s say, rude awakening for me…your course has helped me to focus and understand a lot…I look forward to finishing the course and taken further training with you in the future…thanks again.”

- CryptoGalaxias

“I’ve been posting on Instagram on my daily charts. I really want to say thank you. You’ve brought me to a level I never thought I’d achieve. You are the best mentor a guy can have when it comes to crypto and market psychology.

- Dom D.

“If anyone wants my review of the course, get in touch. Heads up though, there won’t be a negative word in it.”

- TradingInRetirement, @in_retirement

All reviews can be found on the Rekt Capital website: https://www.rektcapital.co/testimonials

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